Crush Sayings

  1. “A crush is a mirror of the heart’s desire.”
  2. “A crush may fade, but the memory of its sweetness lingers.”
  3. “Life is full of ups and downs; we nurse our wounds and nurse our crushes.”
  4. “With every crush, we learn more about our heart’s language.”
  5. “A crush is like a star — distant, bright, and beautiful.”
  6. “A crush is a spark; love is the burning flame.”
  7. “A crush unspoken is a dream unawakened.”
  8. “Crushes are like whispers of the heart, quiet but powerful.”
  9. “To have a crush is to listen to the heart’s silent melody.”
  10. “Just as wine is crushed from grapes, sometimes love is crushed from infatuations.”